If you want to supercharge your upper body workout at home, it is best that you do so with the right set of equipment. If you are thinking of large and bulky exercise equipment, you can dismiss those thoughts now. You can work your arms, shoulders, back and chest at home using a Pilates ring. Also referred to as “magic circle”, it can give that moderate resistance you are looking for. Using different positions, you will be able to tone your arms, shoulders and chest. Exercises using the magic circle are performed from a movement perspective that is incorporated into the entire body. This requires you to be in a robust posture that engages your abdominal and leg muscles to be connected with your upper body. See more information in this article about working out your upper body.

As you go through the Pilates ring exercises, make sure that your movements are all connected to your core. When you do pulses with the magic ring, make sure to use     control in squeezing and releasing. As you do so, you will feel the breadth of your shoulders, back and chest. Some even feel taller as they go through each pulse. In lifting the ring, make sure you keep your shoulders down. Doing this makes you feel more conscious of your shoulder blades that you can feel them sliding down your back. This movement will keep you from moving your shoulders or pulling them way back. Therefore, you will be able to make your shoulders stronger in a very stable position.

Your home exercise should start with good posture. While holding your Pilates ring, make adjustments to your posture. Make sure you stand straight and tall. Assume the Pilates stance. This will give you the opportunity to activate your inner thighs. Move on to keeping your legs parallel while your hips are a bit apart. This stable position will allow you to do your exercises in a stance that you can usually assume in your everyday life.

You can move on to lie down on your back. Position your legs so they resemble a tabletop. With your fingers interlaced behind your head, start to exhale and nod then move on to curl your head, neck and shoulders from the ground. Support the ring between your right elbow and left need. Do rib cage rotations.  Do this with the other side.  This will help you tone your upper body.

Once you shop Pilates ring online, start scouring for other exercises ideas. You can several tips and concepts out there. What is important is you exercise caution when trying to tone your upper body with a magic ring at home. In this way, you can keep yourself free from injuries. The key is for you to not hesitate to ask. No matter how big or small your question might be, there is no harm in asking help from a Pilates authority. This can be someone in your local gym, a colleague or a member of your family. You can also seek assistance from several Pilates and magic ring forums online. For more information, click here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rings_(gymnastics).